Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank you for

your comments. A. Amelia, I will see if I can put in a larger photo in the header sometime. :-).

The big news here is that S1 has decided to move back to VA this summer. He will go back to Va Tech in the fall to get an Master's in Education. He found that he prefers teaching to researching. At the risk of sounding selfish and self-centered I am pleased.

So, in July we will welcome him back with big smiles.

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Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

There's a great and bigger pic in your Header, already!!!!! Seeeeee! It's not hard. And it's fun. :-)

You would not be a normal Mother, if you were not happy and excited that one of your sons will be living in your area. No way do you sound selfish or self-centered.

Mmmmm, since you have traveled, and have so many photos at your disposal... And since your sons do area photography where ever they happen to be.... And since it's fun to change one's Header pic often.... Wellllllllllllll, you see where I am heading. :-))))

No! Not pushing you to change your Header pic, as often as I do! But....



It can be fun.... :-)

Gentle hugs,