Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday S2

I should have words of wisdom for this day but as your brother has told me - you have heard it all before :-).

Someone asked me if I was surprised that you are an EMT and hoping for a medical career. No. I'm not. You have a great skill for listening and for taking stock of a situation and reacting accordingly. Which is why, when I got so sick when you were in second grade and needed someone to call for an ambulance, that I was glad that you heard me banging on the upstairs bathroom floor and not your brother. Nothing against your brother but even though you are 2 years younger and you were only in second grade you were the one that I wanted to answer my knocking. I could trust you to dial 911 and give the info needed.
You have a lot of patience and an attention to detail. You have a good soul. I'm glad that you are camping this weekend. Saving time for yourself to recharge is important. Don't burn yourself out. You can't save the world. (Though I think that every caregiver seems to have to learn that on their own.)

Have I told you how much I love eating dinner with you? Our sarcasm drives your dad crazy but it's when I laugh the hardest.

The other day the barista at the coffee shop and I were talking about her wearing black along with excessive eyeliner when she was younger. It made me laugh as I remembered your dark day. "I'm wearing black because it matches my personality." You said it in all sincerity but as I looked at your face I saw that three year old who used to take off his shoes in the car and yell that you weren't going to school. And then when I got you to school you would calmly walk in the door like nothing happened. And so I may have smiled.

I am lucky and proud to have you as a son. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful year (and life)!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Happy Birthday (and life) to your S2!

My gracious but what a good looking young man he is, too.


east village idiot said...

What a beautiful beautiful tribute to a loving relationship. Happy Birthday to your son - what a fine young man and what a great mom!

east village idiot said...

Jodi - Thank you so much for posting on my blog. This year has been very difficult for us with Ben. That is why I haven't blogged. It took up every minute outside of work. He is a good boy but what a difficult year for him and for us. In the end he did well in school so I am thankful for that. Public school is still new to us and I am amazed and angered by the tremendous number of tests he must take all the time. What is the point? I so appreciate you sharing your experience raising your sons. They are such fine young men and I hope my son follows a similar path.
I can't thank you enough - EVI