Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The last 48 hours of our

trip were stressful. Husband had us walking from the Basel/Mulhouse airport 2 miles to our hotel in France. Over 50 lbs of luggage each. No sidewalks. Etc. Etc. A very kind French woman gave us a lift after a mile or so. I may have been very upset and thinking mutinous thoughts.

The next morning we were up at 3:20 and left for the airport by 4 for a 6:30 flight. This time we took advantage of the shuttle service the hotel provided. They also do pick up service from the airport. (Read last line of first paragraph.)

The Basel flight went to Frankfurt, Germany. The reservations (not made by me) had us go next to Munich. There was a 35 minute layover between the two flights. Our flight from Frankfurt to Munich left 30 minutes late.

This affected about 20 of us on the plane. Some were trying to fly to Dulles from Munich (the 20 of us included) and the rest to Charlotte. We made up time flying but only about 10 minutes. When we landed there was a lady with a sign that said Charlotte and she yelled for the Dulles passengers to follow her also. And we ran. Which was not a pretty sight concerning me as I had a backpack on and a carryon. I didn't think that I would make it but I did. The last passenger on the Dulles plane.

We were on time for Dulles. Our main luggage was still in Munich. We filed a report and came home. On the way home I went to pay for gas and only had my debit card. I searched high and low and could not find the credit cards and drivers license.

Entered the house (remember that I had over 24 hours without sleep at that time) and something was wrong with the house. There were trash bags all in the kitchen by the back door and laundry area. Boxes by the front door and in the livingroom. The guest room had linens all over the floor.

And then I remembered that there was a surprise waiting for me. The boys had decided to clean out cupboards while I was gone. I admit that there was a need for that but the rest of the house was clean. All floors had been washed, the dusting had been done etc.

I was upset and overwhelmed.

My grandmother died Monday night.

Yesterday the dogs tore into the trash bags that I could not put out until trash day (today). One of my good shoes was in the bag. And I lost it. It's not like I live an episode of hoarders. The floors were clean, dishes put away, counter tops cleaned etc before we left. The house looked good. Now it doesn't and I'm having to put things away and hunt for others. The cupboards were cluttered. Now the house is. I have asked that this never happen again. I don't clean their apartments.

** On the happy side my luggage was delivered my 2 very nice guys yesterday morning. Happier was that I had done something stupid and left the driver's license and credit cards in my other bag by accident. Better than having them stolen.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, about a very stressful ending.

And I know now is not the time to ask but......... Why did you have so much luggage? Didn't you wash-and-wear and get by with a carry-on, for each of you? As we did for over a week, in Paris. Nope, I guess you did not.

Rest! You need it.


jodi said...

The carryon that I had held a gnome figure that I fell in love with. I know, kind of silly. Which is why I had to put the other in the plane. Also, my walking sticks were not allowed on the plane either. Only in cargo.

Tins and Treasures said...

Greetings, Jodi,
I'm glad to hear you are home safely...and that your credit cards and ID were not stolen. You will need to rest after your vacation!

Have a wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie

east village idiot said...

Wow. You are stronger than I am. I would have imploded somewhere in that process. Most important, you are home, safe and sound. Just rest and unwind for a few days. thanks for your honest post. We've all been there but it helps to know that we aren't alone when travel plans go crazy.