Monday, August 29, 2011

From what I can tell

this area of Rutland, VT is fine. Hopefully this is so as their downtown area is very quaint and they play it up with a farmers market and other events. But the area between Rutland and the Vermont/NH border that we travel every year is a mess according to the news. The major road is out near Killington. Quaint towns are flooded. My heart breaks.


Anonymous said...

And did you see the snip of film, showing a 150 year old covered bridge, being torn away and washed away? -sigh-

I BRISTLE when I read people say; "Oh the Weather Ch. and the News just hyped it up, for ratings." Tell that to all the people who have lost so much, let alone the people who have had friends/relatives killed by this Hurricane.

And of course, "the name of the game" with NEWS is.... "If it bleeds, it leads." Anyone who doesn't know this, is naive.

But if they had not warned of the possibilities, they would be blamed for some of the damage. They can't win.

Anonymous said...

8/30 11:30am

Virginia just had an earthquake, a couple of hours ago, I just read.

ARE YOU OK???????????????

Anonymous said...


But general news doesn't seem to have it.


Sorry if I was too quick on the trigger. ,-) Guess I won't keep reading, the place where I read this *news* posted.