Friday, September 02, 2011

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Neat

These are the 3 rules in our classroom. No more. They encompass all of life in the fewest words possible.

Today was Open House/Orientation. 14 little ones along with parents and siblings came to meet us and see where their hooks and cubbies are. 14 little ones whose parents needed to be reassured that we will love and look after their children as if they were our own. That their concerns will be listened to. We tell them that we are ready to be partners with them in part of their child's life knowing that to many of them we are complete strangers. There is a lot of reassuring. We will try to give their child the best year possible.

We have fun at school.


jo(e) said...

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Neat.

I like that!

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Jodi,
Those are great rules...I think I will post them for my high school students too!

Enjoy the Holiday Weekend. ~Natalie

Anonymous said...

6 words. Very well done!

I'm happy that you teach little ones. Where you can be determined to have fun with them, this school year.

Happy Weekend!