Thursday, September 01, 2011

The place to be on a rainy day

is my livingroom. It has become my pride and joy. We love the green color on the walls. The table and chair used to belong to my grandparents. Now they lends its grace to the room. The bowl and pitcher belonged to my dad's mother. The green wicker rocker was found at a thrift store. It was originally black. The quilt on it's back belonged to my dad's grandmother. The beautiful white shelves in the room were not there when we moved in but made years later by my husband. They look like they have always been a part of the room. Hope that you have enjoyed this partial tour.


Constance E. Wilson said...

That looks beautiful!!!! It does look like a room to cozy up in on a rainy (or otherwise)day!!! Did you get the leg fixed on the table?

Anonymous said...

What a delightfully warm and inviting place to be, any time I'm sure. Lovely...

Thank you so much for the little tour. And now, some more (touring) please. :-)

My husband built book shelves on either side of a doorway here. They *make* our (was to be dining room but now) Den, into a Library. At least to us, they do. :-))))

Btw, I never wanted a real Dining Room. We always had a lovely round wooden table for our *Kitchen* table and it's always been our all-the-time-eating-at-table.

I wanted an all purpose kind of room, where we could just close the doors and leave whatever project we had going... there. And children could do the same with their playing. So...... That's what the Dining Room started out as.

Later, we did it over, into what we call a Den. It's always been a wonderful and well used room. Right off the Kitchen. We've gotten so much more use out of it, over time, than if it had been THE Dining Room it was supposed to be. :-)

Too much info, I know. ,-)))))