Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Little of This and That

We are awaiting the final college decision which should arrive by Saturday. As S1 has numerous friends who have decided to go to choice #2, choice #1, though still very much desired, will not cause a huge disappointment if the letter says no, we don't want you this year.

I have been to Jazzercise three out of the last 5 days. Tonight I skipped. I am just exhausted though I suspect some of it is due to anxiety over the college thing. No, I'm not walking around the house wringing my hands over this and am quite pleased with choice 2 but I know how my inner being reacts to stress and this is how. Husband jokes on how, when we were in college, we would go study at the library and he would study and I would fall asleep. But then I also had a problem at nightclubs. The noise there would put me out. Yes, I was a fun date!!

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