Thursday, March 30, 2006

Photos and Books

Today I stopped by (again) at the local library for the Friends of the Library book sale. It is a huge event and I have to drive past it to get home from work (not really but it CAN be on the way home). I only stop if there is a parking place available (the lot is small) figuring that it's fate and that there must be a good book waiting for me. So far for 4 days there have been parking spaces. HMMM. . . .

Today one of the workers was showing off two photo albums. At first I thought that someone had turned in their photo albums by accident and that the worker was trying to reunite them with their owner. Wasn't so. These photos were ones that people had left in books that they had donated over the years. I would say the oldest came from the 20's and they were up to current day. What a shame as some were so beautiful ranging from professional shots to the candid ones in the back yard. Some photos have been returned to their owners but there are still plenty in the album.

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