Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Math Teacher's Story

Mr. Draper was one of my math teachers in middle school and I remember little of that class and him except for the story that he told us about his father. On Sunday the NiagaraFalls Gazette retold the story of Mr. Draper's father who died in a power station accident 50 years ago. It's a good human interest story but it's also talks of an age when men felt that they were a family with the place that they worked for and thought that place would take care of them forever in exchange for their loyalty. Sadly that didn't happen and has occured even less over the years til it's an interesting story when a company does care.


east village idiot said...

What a bunch of bastards (sorry to curse on your blog). That is just the highest crime on earth. When will people understand that business interests do not equal community interests - they worship separate gods even though there can and is overlap.

jodi said...

It is sad as it only involved the one family and would not have hurt the company to help out the family financially. This was something that affected this family tremendously and still does.