Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And the Winner IS ???????????????

I guess the boys but it is an honor that I don't envy. They officially know more people that have been in trouble with the law than I did at their age. 16 of their classmates decided to drink at an after prom party on Saturday night/Sunday morning and the police arrested them at the party early Sunday morning.

The parents hosting the party said "No Alcohol." The parents of the kids involved said to them "No Alcohol." The alcohol that was brought to the party was confiscated and it sounds like they STILL had some hidden. There is talk of arresting the parents who had the party as they were not vigilent enough, but 15 of the 16 were 18. Old enough to know better and old enough to hide it until the adults were away.

I don't have a problem with the kids being arrested. (Actually they were asleep when the police came). I do feel for the parents who tried their best and it wasn't good enough.

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