Friday, June 02, 2006

Maxine, Heat and Thunderstorms

Maxine has suffered greatly this past week because of the heat. I will let her in but and 80lb dog underfoot gets old quickly so out she goes so that I get a few minutes and then back in she comes (how could I resist that face).

A thunderstorm is just finishing up and Max hates them with a passion. She has broken two small windows over the years as she has tried to get in whenever she hears thunder. Luckily has not hurt herself seriously. Posted by Picasa


Mama Knucker Hatch said...

Oh my goodness she's beautiful! Right there with you on the heat and thunderstorms. I'll add firecrackers to the mix too. The 4th of July puts our golden into a trembling fright.

If we happen to be running errands and a thunderstorm rolls by, I'll find that she's conquered the stairs even with the arthritis just so she can be in our bedroom where it at least smells like Mom and Dad. :)

jodi said...

And gunshots from hunters also. As we live out a ways we hear them in the fall.