Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Graduate and His Brother

We are the parents of a high school graduate.

Last nights ceremony was held under an almost full moon and a gentle breeze. Our cheering section included both sets of grandparents and my brother and his wife along with husband and myself. S2 was in the band playing Pomp and Circumstance too many times to count.

The teachers filed in first and made two lines through which the students passed. Some of the teachers had water devices to get students wet :-). The speeches were funny and thoughtful. And a few beachballs were thrown around which kept the one vice principal busy. S1 ended up getting the faculty awards for German and Photography. At the end more beachballs were thrown along with glitter type confetti and the band played School's Out For Summer. Posted by Picasa


east village idiot said...

Congratulations on S1's graduation. Will he be attending college and if so will he stay home? I ask this because I wonder how I'll feel when my son grows up and decides to go to school away from home....(sniffle)

jodi said...

He will be attending a college 3 hours away. I will miss him terribly. The anticipation of graduation was much worse than the event. No tears shed that evening:-) He's more than ready to go and we'll still have one at home. We'll always worry about him but there is also a feeling of responsibility that has left our shoulders that actually feels quite good. But then ask me again when August comes. My answer might be totally different!