Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wednesday's Adventures and the Results

Between 3 and 3:30 AM Wednesday morning a storm blew in and drove Maxine crazy. I got up and went into the garage to calm the dogs but they ran past me and into the house. I was able to get Snoopy back into the garage but not Max who ended up sleeping in the den with S1 who was on the couch. (He was supposed to be sleeping in his room with the alarm on).

I got back into bed but by that time my blood pressure was up. I had gotten to bed a little before midnight. I knew that S1 and I had to get up at 5:00 to go to the Big Orientation/class sign-up and now I was the only one with an alarm on. Did I set the alarm right? There was no margin for error. I kept my eyes closed and tried to get myself back to sleep. I knew that I had set the alarm right. I never did get back to sleep.

About 4:30 AM or so husband becomes restless and starts tossing back and forth. Then he went into the bathroom and at 4:45 starts running bath water. (He was supposed to get up at 7 for work). Then he yells "Oh Shit."

By then I'm up and going to see what the problem is. Husband is covered in a rash/hives and his eyes are swollen. His hand had started itching before bed and progressed into a mess by 5. At first he thought that he would go to the emergency room and then decided that he would not and only take a benedryl. I couldn't believe it. Husband was informed (politely) that he was going into the emergency room and that S2 was going with him as he can drive (permit). S2 was gotten up and he quickly dressed, grabbed some reading material and they were out the door. I quickly emailed some still sleeping friends to check on the guys that morning for me and S1 and I left for the big college. My plan being if things got worse at least S2 would have adults looking after him until I could drop S1 off at college and turn straight back for home.

I didn't have to come straight back.

Everything turned out well. Husband has been out of work two days. Woke up again this morning with a rash but it was less and his face is still a little swollen. If your wondering, he has never had an allergic reaction to anything and he had dinner at his parents that evening and she cooked her usual roast and nothing strange.

Registration went well. The department S1 is in gave signs of great intelligence both scholarly and practical. The dorm room that I stayed in did not face the volleyball court so I missed the 2:30 am game. There were no showers this morning as they were locked but I did have a sink in my room. Lots of walking and laughter with oldest son. And both of us kept our dignity and would not/did not do the school dance.

And now I may have a second glass of wine.

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