Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Little Whine With That?

Yes please. Actually a BIG tall glass.
Maybe it's the heat - no I have the community pool to cool off in and I'm actually weathering it quite well. Maybe it's the riproaring PMS that I have (sorry Mom and Dad) - could be helping the situation. Or maybe it's the fact that I don't want to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning and drive a long distance to arrive at the college (here S1 will be attending)at the same time that I'm usually sipping my cup of coffee at home and reading the paper.

It's Orientation Time. And as husband puts it - he has to work and "you should really see the campus".

The only bright spot is the first stop after dropping off son is the Parent Hospitality tent. (There had better be coffee and LOTS of freebies.) Also a newspaper and a fan with a comfy chair in front of it would help. But I'm not holding my breath. After that it is something called Opening Session where I'm assuming that I will sit for awhile and listen to lots of people and clap wildly with enthusiasm. Then there is lunch.

"Is there more?" you politely ask. Oh yes. In the afternoon I sit through a mandatory meeting for Honors Students. And I get to listen to talk about fraternity life (like it's changed from when I went to college!!), student activities and other fascinating subjects.

After dinner I get to move into my noncooled room for the evening (the notice says bring a fan!). The next morning breakfast is at 7(which was my wakeup call this morning). Then we seem to sit a lot and listen and clap some more. There is an ominous post at the end that says "Conclusion of College Session until 5 pm." I had hoped to home in time for dinner. Looks like I'll make it in time for the glass of wine! Posted by Picasa

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