Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Something Not to Say

I am under no delusions. Every project that I send home with a child at the end of a school day will not be kept. A few maybe, but a majority will see the refrigerator door for a day or two and go into the trash. It's not something that I think about because if I did ..well, it would be hard to put enthusiasm into what I do.

Today a parent informed us that none of the projects make it into her home. She takes a photo of the child with each project while still at school and throws the project away before it can enter the house. Not only were we aghast that she told us but what does it teach a child? It takes no effort to save one box of special memories or a scrapbook. No effort at all.


Debra said...

Oh my! Never in my life have I heard of such a thing... The only reason I can account for it is that I've seen on 'getting organized around the house' websites the suggestion that since you can't keep *everything* you should take pictures of your stuff and then give it away. Perhaps she is a recovering messy person? I can understand that--and I can understand people having to do what they must do...

But still..... No projects around the house? I guess I can just hope she puts the photos on the refrigerator and maybe frames some of them, too, and makes a big deal about them.

(And since I am lately trying not to judge people, I will just shut-up and leave it at that....though trust me, I am just aching to say more!) :) Blessings, Debra

east village idiot said...

That lady better watch it. When her kid grows up - s/he just might take a picture of both of them and throw her out.

My house is drowning in my son's art projects...and it's a mess in here. But we love him and love his work. Kids grow up so darn fast - enjoy the clutter.