Friday, October 13, 2006

Why I Sometimes Want to Bang My Head Against the Wall

The interim report came and it said "Homework assignments missing" next to the English grade. "What assignments are you missing?" we asked S2. "I don't know," he replied. "I thought that everything had been turned in." Hmmm. But we gave the teacher the benefit of the doubt. Numerous phone calls/emails were sent asking ---- What assignments are missing? A reply finally came back that stated "S2 cannot make up the homework as it is time sensitive." Husband replied that we were not asking that he be allowed to make up the homework but we wanted to know what it was so that the problem could be corrected. A couple of days ago an email had arrived that said "S2 has turned in all his homework." Say what?????!!!!!

But now the new wrinkle was that a test score was low as "S2 did not read the book. Several children did not do well as they did not read the book. Those who read the book did well." We wrote back saying that he did do the reading (he could not have done his homework if he had not read). AAHHH!!!

As a freshman S2 informed us that he had not turned in a few assignments (which is why we gave this years teacher some credence ) in an English class and was given credit for them. He turned in some and was not given credit. That teacher had informed me that it was "hard to juggle toddlers and teaching." I had little sympathy.

Another teacher that year told S2 that he did not turn in an assignments and then they would suddenly appear. "Look S2, I found it" she would say as she dug it out of a pile of crap on her desk. That teacher, according to mail I got from the school today, got an award from a state association for outstanding teacher in her field!! S2's take on it was - Guess that they have given the award to everyone else and she was the only one left!!

Now that I have ranted I feel better. Back to cleaning the fridge :-)

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