Saturday, December 23, 2006

Writing and Other Things

For days I have struggled with the thought that I should quit blogging. Especially after reading one blog which I have deleted from bookmark list as it was quite poison - essentialy saying that if one does not have many readers than one should quit blogging as that meant that you were not a good writer. Very junior high. But that coupled with the lack of time, realization that life here is quite dull, no cute toddler stories to tell (thank goodness), and thinking that maybe I should do as others do and post photos of cute parts of my house - haven't decided on that. I am not a good essay writer like some or necessarily a great speller or story teller.

But then, tonight something happened that me laugh and I realized that my life is kind of funny to me and that is all that matters. So after the briefest of hiatus' I am back.


east village idiot said...
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east village idiot said...

Oh my God!

You better not stop writing.

Your life is full and interesting. You offer me a window on a world that is beautiful and complex. Your posts address the big and small questions in life - - always leaving me wanting to know more.

Please don't stop writing. There are times when I'm so burned out by NYC and I read your blog - suddenly I'm miles away in small town - with its own world and its own ups and downs.

You write beautifully. I want to keep updated on what happens with S1 and S2, college, the jam making, the teaching, the husband, all the stuff around your house, your cat, your crazy vacations up in New England with the cottage with the field mice and more.

You have a beautiful soul that cannot be measured by some stupid idiot who suggests your creativity should be ruled by blog hits.

Merry Christmas!

jodi said...

Thank you so much for the Christmas present :-)