Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Window Boxes

When we lived in Florida I had window boxes full of impatiens all around our front porch. The plants thrived in the Florida humidity and were absolutely beautiful.

Fast forward almost 13 years later and I got the window boxes up and filled before Christmas. Inside are pansies, boxwood and magnolia. They turned out quite nice.


east village idiot said...

Those plants look beautiful. Are they still alive because it's so warm this winter?

By the way - have you ever been to Cracker Barrel? I've never been to one and I'm so intrigued! What's going on in there!?

Anonymous said...

Pansies can overwinter even when it snows. When my grandmother was alive she and her husband used to summer in Watertown, NY and she would plant pansies in the fall and they would be fine in the spring. She had to bring them from VA though as the local greenhouse up there thought that she was crazy.

I have been to Cracker Barrel but it's been awhile. Kind of a country store atmosphere with a pretty good eatery attached. Lots of things to look at in the store and it's clean which is nice when your traveling.