Monday, November 05, 2007

30 Days Of Writing

When I signed up with NBM to write every day for the month of November I knew that the hardest things would be coming up with blogs to entertain the masses (oh how I wish). But the hardest thing today is to focus.

My mind is going in several directions. A coteacher and I are changing around 2 classrooms. Going more to a curriculum that encourages exploration. Not a lot of desire for imaginative play (probably due to most of the children already owning most of the toys that we have or better versions of what we have). So away go the plastic toys they won't play with and out came things like the water table filled with packing peanuts of different colors. A couple of spoons and some instruction and there was a group of happy 20 month olds.

I am also working on ideas for another giveaway for the Sweet Sister Swap that is due to be mailed on November 20th. Swags and Tags is the theme. For an amount under $8.00. I did very well with the Halloween Swap so now it is time to see if I can pull another rabbit out of a hat - so to speak.

We have a woodpecker boring holes into our siding. Two so far.

Spent quality time with the youngest today after work. Lots of talking, laughing and some window shopping.

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Jane said...

NABLOMO is tricky! Of course my pledge has been complicated by my laptop dying! Now I have to share with my husband who is a professional writer and always on the computer too! Anyway, I have a start on your tags and swag, but I am not sure what colors you use to decorate at Christmas. Are you more country or shabby chic?