Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Small Town Living Part 1

We have quite a few local papers. One covers county wide and seems to have little content. Many of its stories come from other newspapers/news organizations. It's thin. I generally finish the Sunday paper in 20 minutes or so. A true disappointment.

The town to the west of us - where our children played sports and went/go to school - has a local monthly paper that is news in a small town at its best.

Trains are what made this particular small town. Tunnels that were engineering marvels for their time allowed the produce from the area to be shipped all over. The current library branch is in the old depot. Very cool to be in the building when the trains go by so close. Stories and photos on 4 pages of the paper.

Many letters to the editor give their opinions on a hotly contested race. It's interesting to see who my neighbors are voting for. Both families are long time residents and that is still important to many people, no matter how many new residents move in to the area. This race has been interesting. Signs for one candidate remind voters of who the candidates father is. (I know none of them).

A photo of the latest hired paper girl is on page 4 along with a photo of one of the daughters of the newspaper editor/owner and her fiance. One of the girl's sisters is friends with S2. Their mom taught both of my boys English.

One of the local restaurants advertises it's outdoor seating (a little chilly for that now), a local man is raising chickens to help pay for graduate school and one of the high school cross country runners had his appendix out and was unable to compete in the big meet.

36 pages of news and information. Can't wait until next month.

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Sounds charming to me.