Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Appendicitis and a Memory

Dear Son,

You have asked me my memories of your appendicitis attack during hurricane Isabelle.

What I remember most and cannot put adequately into words is the feeling of dread and hopelessness of having you have surgery. It was the same feeling as when you had a spinal tap at 1 month of age and I could hear you screaming when I entered the hospital hallway.

I remember the storm starting and you having pains on your right side. But they did not seem to be that severe, you did not complain that much and you were able to do other things. From my experience with this issue it hurt like hell and I remember the terrible pain and vomiting. You seemed to experience neither.

The power went out that night and you and I sat in your bed. Your brother ??? I think was in the friends basement (bat cave) up the street and your dad was asleep. You said that I slept through part of the night. I don't remember that but it is very likely. I never could stay awake for all nighters and I wasn't that great of a late night date. But then you have heard your dad's stories on the subject. I do remember us talking and listening to the wind. I also remember the winds dying down in the early morning. Having never been through a hurricane before I was not sure if this was due to the eye or if the storm was over.

Decided that it was time to get you to the hospital and I drove after waking up your dad to tell him where we were going. I hoped that the roads were clear and luckily they were. The rescue squad would have been used if needed but as a last resort.

Memories of the hospital:

-Checking you in and moving the car.
-The hospital had power and it felt great.
-The indecision of the doctors as to what was wrong with you. They, like me, thought it was appendicitis but you still did not seem to be in much pain, no vomiting still and you were not that upset. At one point the doctors thought about sending you home but decided to run a blood test first. It showed whatever they were looking for. Your father was called and he came in. You left for surgery and then I got upset.
-After surgery you rebounded quite well and you were discharged the next day. The hospital staff let you use a game system that that they had and you could have jello out of the refrigerator in the nurses area whenever you wanted which for some reason you thought was very cool.
-A lot of comments from staff on how nice and polite you were when I was not around. They were having problems with the child and family next door and you were a pleasant diversion.
-When we came home the power was still out and would be for 2 more days. You became restless and walked around some which I didn't want you to do but how to keep a teenager down who does not feel ill.

The incisions were so small and healed nicely. No visuals of the event left. (I still have my 3 inch scar from 34 years ago!!).

Hope this helps you with your project.

Love, Mom

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Jane said...

I bet this is one story you never could have predicted when you became a mom! What an adventure. Thank goodness it had a good ending!