Saturday, November 03, 2007

Date Night

Last night husband and I went out to dinner at a new to us Mexican restaurant. An adventure as the menu, though written with some English, was hard to figure out and what we ended up getting was not what we thought that we had ordered. (My choice of taking French in high school has rarely served me well as I've gotten older.) The restaurant was small, with only 10 tables that were tightly packed together. For the size of the place the diversity of the people was quite interesting. Not only culturally but economically and politically. Gave it a very small town flavor as opposed to the chain restaurants. An enjoyable quality.

After dinner our movie choice was Dan in Real Life. One of the funniest movies that we have sat through. It helped that we were in an audience that had a large population of teenage girls who, by judging their reactions, recognized themselves in the characters of the daughters in the movies. The writing and filming of the movie was done in an interesting way - made one feel that you could be watching a documentary which at times felt like an intrusion. I think that is what made it good and real.


east village idiot said...

I will check that movie out when it gets to netflix. Movies just cost too much in nyc at this point.

I too just went to dinner but with my friend Mike on my "go out and hang with friends night". It was also a Mexican restaurant...must be something in the air.

jodi said...

I agree with you about movie prices. I hate to spend that kind of money on a movie that I absolutely end up hating or think is so so.

Jodi Ohl said...

It sounds like you and hubby had a nice date night--I think it's important to have that alone time with your significant other. :)

Great pictures as usual on your header!