Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's been awhile since I've posted. Though I wish I could say that exciting things are going on that would not be so. All three of us are on the mend from the ??? that we have. Friday was a day off for an ice storm that never appeared. (A meteorologist that S2 knows says that forecasting for our area of the country is tricky. (By the number of wrong forecasts it does seem that way.) It was not a wasted day however. A five hour nap was in order for me and it made a world of difference. Was helped by the 2 hour nap yesterday:-).

Enough of woes. I am trying to finish up the book Down the Kitchen Sink by Beverley Nichols that the library was kind enough to search out for me. I have loved most of this authors books and this one is no exception. Told of life during the war it is a prelude to so many of his other books and explains the basis for certain aspects of his life to come. A thin book that is quite entertaining.

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