Sunday, April 20, 2008

A couple of mentions about 2 people who I think do great work but unfortunately I cannot show links to their writings/photography as the links would show their names.

My brother is coming back from a 10 day mission trip to Honduras this weekend. The object was to help build a school in a poor community. The group that he is with got to do lots of interesting things and was able to interact with the people in the area.
K is supposed to have an article about the trip published in the hometown paper. If I can figure out how to link without showing his name I will do so. Unfortunately the church blog has their full names on it.

S1 and a group of friends decided that on the anniversary of the shootings at their university that they wanted to hike up a local mountain and watch the sunrise. The idea breaks my heart and also gives me warm fuzzies at the same time. The photos were beautiful and S1 was able to capture the moment well.

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Jane said...

Those are two sweet men in your life! Your son's compassion is very touching and of course, your brother's generosity is inspiring.