Thursday, June 12, 2008

Harvesting a Golden Liquid

No, I did not say Golden Beverage and this is not a Still. Today I had my big honey harvest. 20 lbs. Most of it came from this years new hive.

The extractor was borrowed from someone in the bee club that I belong to. It is a centrifuge (which excited S1 and his girlfriend). There was a heated knife involved to uncap the honey before it went into the centrifuge. Newspapers placed on the floor saved us from a sticky mess.

The honey is a dark golden color and will look pretty when put into jars. First it needs to be strained through cheesecloth and a fine metal sieve. And then I need to go over class notes to see what else needs to be done before bottling. Will take a photo of the finished product.
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Diary From Africa said...

Wow, 20lbs of honey .. that is very impressive ! Sounds like a sticky job though ;)

Jane said...

That's pretty exciting! How cool to borrow the big equipment. Looking forward to seeing the pics.