Monday, June 09, 2008


the doctor says that I must lower my cholesterol. It's not terribly high but she would like it lower. Enter the vitamin Niaci*. It is a great lowerer of cholesterol and though it has some wicked side effects it comes across more natural - - - if you will.

Okay. I'll try it. Risk of hot flashes be damned. I flush easily. I'm at an age where hot flashes are expected. I'll just have to put up with a little discomfort.
Famous last words.

After a few days of taking the pill I felt a little odd but could not explain why or what bothered me with any degree of sounding sensible. Took a day or two off and took another pill last night about 10. After midnight woke up with a feeling like my skin was on fire. Couldn't cool off. Heart racing. Knew I was having a reaction and asked husband to take me to the ER. Felt better after riding in the car to the hospital. Open windows and moving air on a hot, sweaty body feel pretty good. Checked into the ER and the computers were down. Felt rotten as I stood next to the receptionist's window (yes stood) while he hunted and pecked at the keyboard. Husband took over giving info after parking the car.

And we sat.. . . After awhile I felt better and decided to go home. And so we came. Took a benedryl and got 4 hours of sleep and went to work. (After 3 cups of coffee).

I think that there has to be a better way of doing things.


jo(e) said...

What an awful experience. The only two times in my life I've taken medication (once was sulfa for a UTI and the other time was amoxicillin for a sinus infection), I've broken out in hives .... so I'm very wary of any medications.

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Hi, not sure if this will help or not - but was that Niacin or Niaspan (or is it Slow Niacin?)you were taking? I take that also - mine is for post heart attack care. But I take 500 mg a night - and I remember very distinctly that lovely hot flash feeling from taking those! You know, I never thought of going to the ER, duh, I should have too probably. Anyway - I was told beforehand that this would most likely happen when you start out taking it, and that it improves over time. I remember having my hubby getting cold washcloths to put around me - it WAS horrible! And I used to also take an aspirin a half an hour before taking the niaspan to help try and reduce it too. And I think the 500 mg that I take is not a large dose, as I seem to remember my doctor's nurse takes 2,000 or 3,000 mg I think it was. I don't really wish to try that - thank you! But I think it just takes awhile for your body to get used to taking it, and now I never have the hotflashes anymore! Good luck with yours! Diane from Michigan

Jane said...

Cheerios and oatmeal reduced my inlaw's cholesterol. I would think that would be easier and tasty too.