Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day With the Boys



Today I woke up at 3:45 AM, threw on a sweatshirt over my pj's (shirt and sleep pants , put on a pair of tennis shoes and headed for the boys car. S1 fixed coffee for us and drove us up to the mountains to watch the Perseid meteor shower until the sunrise made it impossible to see anything but the largest stars. We parked near where Maxine and I used to take our hikes and put out our blankets. No one else was around and a breeze rustled the trees. Conversation was deep at times.

We came home to breakfast and a nap.

Then it was time to take S2 out for college shopping. Items and colors were carefully looked at. One store went to twice after comparing other store items. A blue and brown theme in color seems to be happening. A very cool desk lamp found. Lunch was had at Chipotle which could become my new favorite restaurant.

Tomorrow is our 25th wedding anniversary. Dinner will be at the nice restaurant down the road.
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