Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Short Blogging Break

The summer that the boys were two and four was a special one. It was the summer that I realized that we lived in a crappy area and if we were going to have a great summer I was going to have to create it. It was fantastic!! I remember hoping that it was not going to be the best of our lives and I was never disappointed. Each summer has been good in it's own way.

Our summers together are ending. And I must say that this one was superb!! Not just because of the vacations. A conglomeration of things really. Both boys are dating terrific girls and I liked the fact that they would come in and take over the kitchen, coffee pot, den etc. Plus they both are funny. There was the driving of S1 to work on days that he did not want to ride his bike. The trip with him to the mountains to see the stars. Conversations. S2 and I have been out shopping for school supplies. We traveled well to New Hampshire together and spent a lot of time walking together in Germany (we are both kind of slow:-). We got to watch S2 play baseball again and enjoy it.

But now they are both adults and we will be handing the baton of life fully to S2. He is ready.

**The best comment from him this summer was that he wanted to know how we raised he and his brother to be good people. That if I could figure it out I could write a book!!

There are a few small regrets but nothing major. Life is not perfect. I am getting ready for the next stage of life like they are. It promises to be interesting. The house needs working on. I'm teaching an entirely new to me class in preschool. I'm hoping for the time for an occasional pedicure and manicure. My violin teacher is trying to get me ready to join a local orchestra in a year or so. There is a garden that is calling out to me.

Life will be good.

So I will take some time off. In about 10 days life will be much different. But until that happens I will be taking off time to enjoy the rest of the summer. It is not over yet!!

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east village idiot said...

I went away for a few days and it was nice to return to read this post. In some ways you have written that book about you raised your least through this blog for a few years. You are a super mom and I learn from you all the time - about parenthood and about life. I didn't realize until this post that S2 going to college means both kids are away.
A new chapter for you...I am eager to read on. have a great break.