Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Times Are Changing





Two summers ago I went to orientation at School of Garish Colors with S1, spent a night in a dorm room and called my mother to complain that the rooms there were uglier than the ones that I had at School of Red and Black in the early 80's.

No such comments will come from my lips this year regarding S2's dorm at school of Purple and Gold. This dorm has been closed for renovation and what a renovation it is. Bamboo flooring. Fresh paint on the walls. New beds AND brand new matresses. A window for each child. Heat and cooling controls in each room. And the rooms are large. Did I mention nice closets, a bathroom for every 4 students which includes double sinks and an enclosed toilet area? And a view. It took us two trips up 3 flights of stairs. Most of S2's belongings carried by volunteers. Saw no one hawking shelving, lofts etc.

Anyway, for the photos. The room holding the large screen tv, pool table and ping pong table (along with 6 or 8 smaller tables) is right next to the washing machines. (I had to sit next to the washing machine and dryer which was in the basement of my dorm while I did clothes.) The rest of the photos are of the room. Pictures do not do it justice.
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