Saturday, October 18, 2008

Elton John

He doesn't sing many high notes anymore but what a voice. Strong and vibrant. Played all of his great songs for 2 hours 45 minutes with only water breaks. Pretty good stamina for 61.

Before the concert husband and I walked over to The Corner which is the name for a group of shops and restaurants across the street from the university. We picked one restaurant as we knew the prices were decent and it had been really good years ago when we took the boys there a few times for dinner. One of their specialties that we both loved were their Gyros.

Not now. The fixings were put onto a plate for husband to make his own. Large piece of tomato, large, thin slab of meat, and rings of onion. Everything needed to be cut and assembled. My chicken salad sandwich tasted like something I would make on a bad cooking day. Sigh.

But the concert was good.
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Tins and Treasures said...

Yes, we went to his concert in Vegas two years was awesome! He had so many hits.

The Three Little Bears said...

what a great photo! I would love to see elton john, I've loved him since I was child.

Ellen said...

I love Elton John. He will always be cool because he respects music.

Jodi Ohl said...

I've always wanted to go to an Elton John concert, definitely one of my all time favorite singers/performers. I'm glad the concert was good..pooey on the restaurant though!

Jane said...

So glad to hear that he still has it. We went to see Etta James this summer. She is 70 and still has it. But, sadly we were really dismayed when we went to see Brian Wilson. Four years ago we saw him and the show was unbelievably awesome. The following years have not been so kind to him and he even seemed frustrated by his inability to hit the high notes and keep up. Thank goodness for the back up band which was excellent.