Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I stopped at the Post Office near us this afternoon. It's a tiny one which fits our small town. It's next to the garden/gift store, across the street from the gas station/convenience store which is across the street from another gas station/auto repair. If you blink, you've missed it - the town AND the post office.

Outside the Post Office is a bulletin board where there are the usual items.

Lost Pet
Piano Lessons Given
House for Rent

Today there was a new item under Lost Pet. A Llama is missing. Yes, it is. Somewhere around us a large animal that is not a deer is running loose. Would be interesting to see it.


Jane said...

I hope it finds it's way home. Good thing a small town doesn't have too much traffic.

Tins and Treasures said...

How does someone lose a llama?!!

Ellen said...

That is hilarious. Wouldn't you just freak out if you looked out your window one night and found yourself staring at a llama!?