Friday, November 14, 2008


yesterday I got a phone call from S1 at work. "Mom, the warning system has gone off. There has been a report of shots fired at___________. That area has been locked down but I'm fine."

I can't tell you the panic that I felt at first. Indescribable. I told a coworker who also has a child there and called my mom when I got to my car so that she wasn't worrying.

There was nothing on the news so far she said. That brought me back to my senses. I decided to go grocery shopping and talked to S1 while I shopped. Nothing new to report he said. About an hour later I checked email. A forwarded message from our son - some guys had been shooting fireworks at a dumpster was the conclusion of the police.

Idiots. Don't these guys have homework or something more worthwhile to do?!!


Jane said...

Thank goodness everything worked out well! It's so sad that with any loud noise we all go into panic mode. We have lost a lot of innocence as a nation.

The Three Little Bears said...

That would be frightening!

east village idiot said...

I was petrified when I heard the news...I thought - Jesus, not again and prayed that your son was safe. so glad everything is okay!