Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Children's Book of Art





Every now and then I run across a book that seems to be miscast. (A Book Thief by Marcus Zusak comes to mind. It is marketed as a YA which I believe kept some people from reading it.)

This book is another.

Children's Book of Art gives the impression by it's title that it is a simple book. It is anything but. Yes, the words are few but written on more of an adult level than a child's.

ie. Around 1413, the architect Filippo Brunelleschi developed the rules of perspective. This was adopted by artists such as Masaccio in their work to create the illusion that their paintings had depth. Rues of Perspective is explained by

The Tribute Money, c, 1425 by Masaccio, shows linear perspective, where the eye is drawn to a single vanishing point because many lines appear to meet there. The most important part of the painting, the figure of Jesus, has been positioned here.
Children's Book of Art is full of instruction on how to create art using various methods - water color, sculpture, wood carving. Various artists are showcased and told why they are famous and how to create using the methods of the artist.

This is the perfect book to give to a young teenager or adult who wants to draw. Also a great book for homeschooling or for that homeroom mom who teaches the class Art Print each month. With young children it requires the interest/involvement of an adult.


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