Monday, December 14, 2009

So. . .

the ride to work takes 20-25 minutes on average.

Today it took 70.

Fog formed overnight and froze on the roadway. People moving very slowly. Accidents.

I have two ways that I can go. Make a left off of my street. Drive to the main road and make a right.

Or turn right off of my street. Drive to different main road and make a left.

I went left. Hit the main road. Traffic slow but doing fine until the big hill. I think that someone was afraid of it as we were not moving and traffic was coming the other way just fine.

So, I turned around and went back the other way.

A coworker, who lives on the next street up, started to work the other way. Hit a 15 minute snag and decided to turn around and go the way that I had originally decided to go.

Probably no one else thinks that this is funny but us.

I got to work 10 minutes after school started and my class greeted me with manufactured scowls on their faces while they tapped the back of their wrists. (My coteacher had put them up to it.)

So funny.


Anonymous said...

"Probably no one else thinks that this is funny but us." And me!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...


But all that matters is that you got there, in one piece. :-)