Saturday, December 19, 2009

We have 16 inches of snow and

it is still falling. Husband was driving my car home from work and went into a ditch 3 miles from home. My car will be there until Christmas? at the rate the snow is falling and our counties ability to deal with it.

I have started to shovel but it will be slow and a family event. But then it looks like we will have days to work on it.

Sport will have to learn to use the litter box instead of doing his business outside.

A lot of people are stuck in cars. I'm hoping that they remember to clear the snow away from their tail pipe periodically.

Pictures to come later.


Lisa said...

Aww bummer about your car. :( My son was supposed to drive to Raleigh today for a craft show he's been preparing for for months. Sadly, he had to give up since he couldn't get out of the driveway.

It sure is pretty, though.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You are deeeeep in the storm obviously. Be well. Be safe. Be warm.....

east village idiot said...

It started snowing in NYC about three hours ago. The snow is really kicking in at this point.

So sorry to hear that your car is in a ditch -- but glad that your husband is all right!