Friday, July 23, 2010

I met

Daniel Schorr at a book signing in DC. A very charming man, with a great voice, whose presence left me tongue tied. I still don't know why. He was not a pompous man. Seemed very down to earth.

But this was Daniel Schorr. Someone that I grew up listening to. And I was in awe.

A quote of his in a NY Daily News article -

In a 2003 interview, he reflected on his NPR r position and called it "a satisfying home for the evening of my career. I no longer pursue scoops, but concentrate on the context and the meaning of things. I interact with journalists a third to half my age who seem to regard me as a walking history book.

"If asked, I tell them what lessons I have learned over the past 60-odd years. And since there are today more pressures than ever to conform, to avoid rocking the boat, I'm prone to advise: At least once in your lifetime take a risk for a principle you believe in, even if it brings you up against your bosses."

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east village idiot said...

I agree Jodi. He was a great journalist and he will be missed terribly.