Thursday, May 03, 2012

My class of 5 year olds came up with some advice

for S2 who is graduating from college this coming weekend.  He will start a job later in the month at an ER in a hospital in another city. 
With that in mind, their advice is:

1.  Never yell emergency for no reason.
2.  Don't kid about emergencies.
3.  Don't be mean.
4.  Don't make people die.
5.  You should get a girlfriend before you get married.
6.  The girl should play tennis.
7.  Your new apartment should have enough room to hit a baseball.
8.  You need a pet.
9.  You also need plates, cups, napkins and a bed.
10.  And you need a piano for your apartment.

The most popular one with parents was #5.  :-).

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