Monday, May 26, 2008

The massive sucking noise that is coming from the little blue house is two-fold. The amount of money coming from my wallet to the grocery store and the food as it is being inhaled at a phenomenal rate.

"But you have two boys," you might say. I have always laughed at that statement for even though we have gone through some heavy eating periods it didn't seem that bad and it usually involved only one son who was eating more. But we are now in a HEAVIER eating time. Suddenly the 36 lbs of berries (yes in addition to the 23 I picked the previous weekend) doesn't seem an excess. The cookies that I baked last night are almost gone. (The only one with a weight issue is me so I don't eat that many). I will have to rethink my ways of cooking this summer.


Nan said...

This really is a big difference since my kids haven't lived here. The food bill, and the electric bill have both declined. I don't have to shop every few days or even every week for food items. Tom and I eat pretty simply, with few snack items. After all these years, I am still stunned at how seldom I shop. :<)

jodi said...

That will be a big difference for us this year with both boys at college. I'm looking forward to that part of it.